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BANX Token Dynamics


Ubanx Community Members will be able to participate in auctions for the right to apply for approval to operate a Ubanx Space location in a particular geographic area, subject to meeting eligibility requirements, successfully completing the approval process and by the acceptance of all applicable terms and conditions. Locations operated by third parties are expected to have the same core set of ser- vices as the Flagship Ubanx Spaces operated by Ubanx.

Tokens can be used to purchase or obtain access to a variety of Ubanx products, services, and Community benefits as follows:

  • Discounted products and services. Tokens can be spent to obtain products and services at a discount of up to 20%.
  • Community+ Services at Ubanx Spaces. Tokens can be spent to gain access to what is called Community+ services and facilities at Ubanx Spaces, including meeting and auditorium spaces, coworking areas, catering services, help desk, trading desks and educational content from Ubanx Crypto School. Not all Com munity+ facilities and services will be available at all Ubanx Spaces.
  • Access to Community Discussion Workgroups. Community Members who hold a specified certain value amount of Tokens in their Ubanx Accounts will be able to participate on the Workgroups. Ubanx will determine the amount of BANX necessary to participate for each Workgroup as it is announced. The amount participation thresholds will be denominated in BANX, based on a fiat value to be determined. BANX Tokens do not carry any voting rights.
  • Obtaining Ubanx premium benefits. Certain Ubanx products, services, and benefits will only be available to Community Members who hold a specified certain value of Tokens in their Ubanx Accounts. Benefits will include: unlimited access to Crypto School courses and seminars, access to Ubanx Premium exclusive coworking areas, Ubanx Concierge personalized assistance, and reduced-cost or free access to certain Community+ services including access to auditorium and meeting rooms.
  • Access to partner benefits. Tokens can be spent to obtain benefits from Ubanx’ partners, including PriorityPass(TM) airport lounge access, payment cards, travel insurance, and more, provided by Ubanx in partnership with third parties. The list of benefits available, along with the cost in BANX, may be different from region to region depending on partner availability and policies.
  • Encourage participation in the Ubanx Community. Tokens will be used to encourage participation in the Ubanx Community in a variety of ways. Among other things, Ubanx Crypto School course instructors will receive BANX Tokens for providing their time and expertise, and Community Members who complete a course will receive BANX Tokens to recognize their participation. BANX Tokens will also be given to community Ambassadors to recognize their efforts in growing and adding value to the Community by posting updates, writing blogs and conducting other outreach and education efforts. BANX Tokens may also be used to incentivize contributions to Workgroups.

BANX Token Allocation

  • Token BANX
  • Token supply 1,000,000,000 BANX
  • Token Sale Cap 600,000,000 BANX
  • Ethereum ERC20 Token
35% 350,000,000 BANX
BANX Token
25% 250,000,000 BANX
BANX Public
Token Sale

10% 100,000,000 BANX
Support Supply
25% 250,000,000 BANX
Team &
5% 50,000,000 BANX
Bounty Program
& Incentivization
uts-price-012 + uts-bonus-40
Token Presale bonus for a limited time

BANX Token Sale price

% Sold
BANX Price
Presale 0%-34.99%
*Tokens for each tranche include sold and bonus tokens.
Each tranche is completed when all tokens corresponding to that tranche are allocated.
40% BONUS Presale No min purchase
10% BONUS Public Token Sale Min purchase €1,000 to €9,999.99
20% BONUS Public Token Sale Min purchase €10,000 or more
- For Contributors over €100,000 there will be an additional 5% Bonus from maximum current bonus (subject to Ubanx approval) - For Contributors over €500,000 there will be an additional 10% Bonus from maximum current bonus (subject to Ubanx approval) - For Contributors over €1,000,000 there will be an additional 20% Bonus from maximum current bonus. (subject to Ubanx approval)
BANX Token Presale starts April 17 and ends when all token are sold or June 30th, 2018.
Public Token Sale starts one week after Presale and ends August 24th, 2018.
Current stage
Token Price
Current Bonus
BANX Token Presale tranche 0%-34,99%
Public Token Sale tranche 35%-39.99%
Public Token Sale tranche 40%-44.99%
Public Token Sale tranche 45%-49.99%
Public Token Sale tranche 50%-54.99%
Public Token Sale tranche 55%-59.99%

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Token Presale with 40% Bonus ends in:


or when all tokens for this stage are sold

BANX Token Issuance

The Ubanx products and services and the Ubanx Community will be powered by the BANX Token. The BANX Token will initially be created as an Ethereum ERC-20 token, but the Ubanx vision is blockchain-agnostic and Ubanx intends to support other protocols in the future.

The BANX Smart Contracts, one per each exclusive geographic area, allows BANX holders to participate individually in auctions for the exclusive right to operate of Ubanx Spaces in the geographic area.

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